How to Make Your Commute More Productive

How to Make Your Commute More Productive

How to Make Your Commute More Productive

Those hours to and from work can feel like wasted time. You may find yourself frustrated, thinking if only the train would move faster you could be devoting your energy to your business. As it turns out, there are many effective ways to use the commute to the advantage of your personal health and to strengthen your business.

Plan Your Day

There’s good reason to list out your priorities during your commute instead of at work: with a bit of distance, you can effectively reason about what should be at the top of your agenda. Once you arrive, you may be innundated with people who need help right now — but whose concerns aren’t really urgent. Of course, the down side of planning your day before you start work is your schedule might be upset by unexpected events.

Network Online and Offline

There’s a lot of talk these days about keeping up with your network. That’s easier than ever now with remote tools and industry-specific online platforms that let you read up on industry news and connect with others working in your field. Also, if you work at a location with many small businesses, you may find you are commuting with several people at the same professional level. Strike up a conversation and see if you can develop a new contact.

Learn on the Go

With electronic tools like podcasts and apps, you can develop your skill set when you are not at work. Platforms like Duolingo can help you to learn a new language, while your iTunes store can have almost unlimited free podcasts that entertain as well as inform. Of course, one downside to listening to a podcast while you’re commuting is you won’t have the opportunity to get to know the people you’re travelling with — but you always have the option to switch up your days so you can on occasion broaden your network.


One of the hardest things for many entrepreneurs to accomplish is taking a breather. It may not always be possible to sit back, reflect or recharge your batteries. You may love going to the gym or even cycle to work occasionally — exercise is great to give you a sense of balance — but taking some time to clear your mind can also help. It can make you more productive, reduce stress, and help you have the patience necessary to tackle all of the crises that come with being a new entrepreneur.

One of the best things about a commute is that the time is yours to do with almost as you please. With a bit of reflection and creativity, you can find that space to broaden your network, enhance your skills or deepen your peace of mind.

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