The Mōmentum Story

The entrepreneurial spirit drives everything we do at Mōmentum Capital Funding, and it was this spirit that inspired Mōmentum Founder Brandon Chase to start his first company in 2011. Although the days were long and the weight of caring for employees and vendors could be stressful, business was booming and clients were satisfied.

Brandon wanted to expand his company, but growth requires cash. Although Brandon’s business was profitable, most of Brandon’s clients took 30 to 90 days to pay their invoices, which reduced Brandon’s cash flow.

To increase his cash flow, Brandon began using an accounts receivable financing company. Although he was satisfied by the service, Brandon felt frustrated that traditional accounts receivable financing companies treated clients like numbers instead of people and used confusing payment terms and needlessly aggressive collection agents. He knew there was a better way.

Brandon began developing a vision for Mōmentum: an accounts receivable financing company that serviced business owners like himself, blue-collar entrepreneurs who needed the working capital to support their businesses. He envisioned an accounts receivable financing company that looked beyond the numbers to the people undertaking the hardest job in America, starting their own businesses.

A friend introduced Brandon to fellow entrepreneur and managing partner of The Ōnin Group, Keith Phillips. A short meeting turned into a three-hour dinner, where they swapped stories of their similar,up-by-the-bootstraps backgrounds and discussed a shared frustration with the accounts receivable financing companies they had worked with in the past. Together, Brandon and Keith used their experience of entrepreneurial struggles to create an accounts receivable company focused on assisting business owners who are successful but lack the capital they need to operate.

Today Mōmentum operates with a drive to provide financial stability through genuine partnership, allowing business owners to take the next step and free their own entrepreneurial spirits.

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