The Mōmentum Difference

Who We Are

As experienced entrepreneurs, we’ve been where you’ve been, and we understand the unique challenges business owners face as they grow their business firsthand. We believe our first-hand knowledge of entrepreneurship gives us valuable insight into helping you grow your own business. It’s why Mōmentum not only provides aggressive funding immediately but also nurtures entrepreneurs instead of treating people like data points. We assess companies based on their potential rather than their current financial status, and most importantly, we carry a genuine passion for growing businesses. Today, Mōmentum operates with a drive to reenergize entrepreneurs and help them take their businesses to the next level.

Our Process

  1. Acquire a quote: After you speak with a Mōmentum representative to discuss your business and your cash flow needs, we’ll present you with a quote. You’ll be walked through the set-up process.
  2. Submit your invoices: After the set-up process has been completed, you can schedule your first funding.
  3. Get funded: You’ll receive funding within 24 hours.

Benefits of accounts receivable financing

  • Growth: Infuse your business with the working capital you need to expand your business and transition to the next level. Focus on making money instead of finding it.
  • Power: Increase your buying power to purchase the inventory you need to grow, and improve your pay rating with credit agencies.
  • Security: The diligent underwriting process is designed to protect your business. Our financial stability gives you the solid financial foundation you need to grow your business.
  • Flexibility: We know you are most suited to determine your cash flow needs, which is why you determine which receivables to factor.
  • Mōmentum: Grow your business at the pace you want without being constrained to a credit ceiling.

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