Renewable Energy

Contractors often wait for long periods of time before they are paid for their work, but they need cash to operate. Accounts receivable financing is a reliable source of immediate cash for businesses focused on growth. Mōmentum offers advances of 90 percent, cash within 24 hours and a straightforward process so you can concentrate on doing what you do best, giving your business a number of benefits.
By stabilizing your cash flow with accounts receivable financing, renewable energy contractors can:
  • Make payroll
  • Purchase equipment
  • Focus on making money instead of finding it
  • Expand business
  • Purchase inventory
  • Receive cash discounts
  • Reduce your company’s bad debt
  • Improve your pay rating with credit agencies
How Accounts Receivable Financing works
  1. You sell your invoice to Mōmentum.
  2. Mōmentum gives you an advance of the percentage of the invoice and saves the rest in reserve.
  3. When the invoice is paid by your customer, we subtract our nominal fee and send you the rest of the reserve.
Renewable Energy Companies can benefit from Mōmentum’s accounts receivable funding services.
Mōmentum offers:
  • Accounts Receivable funding within 24 hours
  • Advances of up to 90 percent
  • A dedicated Account Executive to manage your account
  • 24-hour access to an online system to manage your account
  • Online access to perform free credit checks on new customers

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