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Accounts receivable factoring gives your business the cash you need to operate, grow and thrive. Mōmentum empowers companies experiencing rapid growth whose customers expect immediate work but delay their payment for service. By purchasing their accounts receivable, we offer our clients quick access to funds to take advantage of imminent opportunities that may otherwise be unattainable.

How Accounts Receivable financing can benefit your business:

  • Focus on making money instead of finding it
  • Use money to expand business
  • Purchase inventory
  • Make payroll
  • Receive cash discounts
  • Reduce your company’s bad debt
  • Improve your pay rating with credit agencies
  • What Mōmentum offers:
  • We close deals in 24 hours
  • Advances on accounts receivable of up to 90%
  • A dedicated Account Executive to help manage your account
  • Comprehensive back-office collections
  • 24-hour access to an online system to manage your account
  • Online access to perform free credit checks on new customers

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